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A specialist service dedicated to locating property to suit the needs and wishes of the buyer whilst at the same time negotiating the very best financial arrangements for the client.

Isn’t that what Estate Agents do?

Estate agents will, of course, look for property to suit clients investment requirements but generally are retained by the seller and will look to market product on their books and at the best price to suit the seller and indeed boost their own commissions.

Hendricks are very much on the side of the buyer and will search advise and negotiate with that in mind.

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Hendricks professionals

A group of professionals with some 25 years’ experience of the property and financial sectors in Portugal, backed by retained lawyers, accountants and property management specialists.

During the Golden Years of Portuguese property, the Hendricks professionals developed a keen sense of the protection which international and indeed inexperienced domestic investors required. The unscrupulous nature of some real estate agents and associated legal firms led to a lot of investors buying overpriced property under less than perfect conditions.

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Head office

Bela Vista Office,
Estrada de Paço de Arcos, n.º 66-66-A,
São Marcos,

2735-308 Sintra,


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